We are leaders in youth athletic training programs!

Forged In Fitness has an Athlete Development Program that offers a sports performance formula that will enhance your son or daughters ability to perform their best!




FIF is constantly developing comprehensive training programs for our clients and athletes.


FIF creates structured programs, goal setting, and accountability for its athletes.


Our private clients enjoy one-on-one detailed training programs tailored to their individual needs.


Joe Rutland is NASM (CPT) and an IYCA youth speed agility specialist and Athletic assessment specialist. He serves as a performance coach and trainer for private individuals and youth athletes. Joe develops training plans that enhance performance, flexibility, endurance and strength. He coaches and trains athletes of all ages and educates clients about functional biomechanics and health related issues that relate directly to their lives.

At Fantom Performance we have the knowledge and skills to elevate your athlete, requiring the tools and abilities they need to have increased endurance, power, agility and strength so they may maximize their potential.

“Consistency is Key”!!!!!



  • My son has been working with Joe for over a year now, and the changes in him have been tremendous. Physically, he has become much faster, more agile, and able to accomplish things on the tennis court he couldn’t do a year ago. His footwork, speed, and power are all greatly improved. But I like the changes I’ve seen in him personally even better. He has become a more confident person who believes in himself. He has the initiative now to make himself a better person and to set goals for himself. I only wish we had found Joe earlier in life than we did because when my son goes to college next year, it will be hard for him to say goodbye.”

    I LIKE THE CHANGES I hve seen M.V
  • My wife and I have trained with Joe for many years. He takes the time to personalize his training to our needs that in many cases include our lifestyle outside of the gym. He has a very professional style and continues to educate himself with the latest in physical fitness. We were able to meet and now maintain our goals with Joe’s help.

    A Very Professional Style Jeff
  • My boys have been training with Joe since they were 11 years old. Joe applied age appropriate exercises to build their agility and strength, while making sure they would not get hurt. He focuses on technique and form which will serve them well as they progress in training. Huge improvement in speed, strength and flexibility. My oldest son has completely transformed himself thanks to Joe and his training approach. Can't thank him enough!

    Can’t Thank Him Enough Laura
  • I trained with Joe for over 2 years and was very pleased with my results. Joe is focused and knowledgeable and he makes every appointment impactful. He continues to educate himself and stays up to date on the newest developments in personal training. He is motivating, passionate and respectful. I recommend Joe to anyone truly interested developing a healthy lifestyle.

    Joe is Focused M.A. - San Clemente, CA
  • My son trained with Joe when he was younger. Joe helped him develop a great foundation and he is now surfing full time and traveling the world. My 15 yr old daughter still trains with Joe. She is a competitive tennis player and her speed and agility are very important. The reason she trains with Joe however is because of his attention to detail. She had back surgery two years ago and we only trust Joe to train her because of his dedication to proper form. She just won her third tournament in a row!!!

    Attention to Detail S.H. - San Clemente